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Solar On grid Domestic roof top power plant Capacity - 10 KW Unit generation - 16, 000 units / year Amount saving - Rs. 1, 20, 160/year
Domestic Solar Power Plant Capacity - 10 kw Unit - 16, 000 units/year. Energy saving - Rs.1, 20, 160/ year
Industrial Solar Power Systems have gained popularity in India with major industries resorting to solar power for avoiding grid outage situations. With the provision of open access in most of the states, industrial solar power systems are increasingly used by textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy and ceramic industries to cut down their electricity expenses. Out of the total 1247 MW rooftop solar installation as of December 2016, 34% is for industrial establishments
Industrial Solar Power Plant Energy generation per year - 1600 unit/ KW/ year
Solar power plant from Future Green Power Solutions (P). (Ltd). Capacity- 250 KW (Rajasthan) Plant generation - 4, 25, 000 units/year. Amount saving - Rs. 36, 16, 750 / year.
Commercial Solar Power Plant Capacity - 160 Kw Energy Generation - 2, 72, 000 units/ year Amount saving - Rs. 23, 14, 720 / Year
Solar Power Plant Industrial solar power plant module - adani power (mono) inverter - ABB unit generation per kw per year - 1650 units/kw/year.
The solar power tariff in India has experienced a drastic fall over the last few years. In India, the total solar power generation capacity increased from 461 MW in 2011 to 6, 763 MW in 2016. Over the last few years, the solar power generation capacity has increased significantly due to the favorable government initiatives with developments in manufacturing technology of solar panels. Our Indian solar industry is expected to have double-digit growth during the next few years, due to the government’s policy to increase the share of solar power in the country’s energy mix and falling equipment costs globally.